Client: Amir S.

I worked with Amir with improving his posture, hip and core strength which led to helping improve his overall performance on the soccer field. Amir has been scouted by US colleges and is looking to go to Europe to play soccer in January 2019. The scouts want to see him put muscle, strength and improve his speed. When an athlete has intelligence and focuses as he has, he will have no issues delivering what the scouts are looking for.

His story:

When Amir came to see me, I found that he had a lot of exercise dysfunction related to the incorrect programming that he received from past conditioning coaches.

His program started with the initial assessment which helped educate him on the areas he needed to work on with his fitness and nutrition.
The body composition was performed using calipers, and the body composition and activity level were used to determine that his Total Daily Energy Expenditure for the athlete. Amir’s TDEE to build lean muscle and provide the necessary energy for training was 4,083 calories. We created a teenager friendly meal plan that matched his caloric needs.
Cardiorespiratory Fitness
After completing the cardiovascular fitness evaluation, we determined that he would be best suited to work on Aerobic-efficiency Training. Amir would use interval training with his targets being 153 bpm (60%) to 178 bpm (80%).
Amir scored the in the top levels with trunk flexion have a reach forward measurement of 41 cm, and for his age group, 39 cm is an excellent score.
Anaerobic Training (Strength)
The first step is to teach the athlete the importance of myofascial self-release and how to use dynamic warmups to help their performance and reduce injury on the field and in the gym.
The first focus was to spend time initially working on making many corrections to the weaknesses that created from other coaches from the past and focus on teaching him the fundamentals. The Delta program (anatomical adaptation phase) was used to help he him develop stability and mobility in the gym for the first four weeks. The primary focus is to fix rounded shoulders, weak core, and hip muscles.
The second phase was the Charlie program (functional fitness) where we use tools like the TRX to start introducing compound movements. This program helps the athlete strength movement and improve strength. Amir started on bench press only being able to bench the bar (45 lbs.), and after four weeks he was able to do 135 lbs bench with control and perfect form for three reps!
Amir felt and saw the improvements on the field from being on the program that I designed for him. He is a quick learner and extremely focused on getting results with his fitness because he understands how important it is to his soccer.
Now that he has developed strength and great fundamentals, the next step is to work on his speed and explosive power. Fitness Experts will design the perfect program for Amir, and the plan will be monitored closely to make sure the necessary changes are made on a weekly basis.

Amir has played the T.F.C. Acamedy.

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